Chumby upgrade problems

My Chumby One hasn't automatically upgraded it software since I bought it earlier this year.  So I downloaded the latest firmware file onto a USB stick and did a manual upgrade.

After upgrading to "chumby one version 1.0.7 and control panel version 2.8.73" (from fw 1.0.3) via USB stick, the "My Streams" function would not produce any audio output when playing an mp3 stream URL.

  • Rebooting the Chumby did not help.
  • The volume knob moved the on screen volume slider.
  • The sound worked for the FM Radio function.

So the last resort was to log in via SSH and look around.  I was finally able to get btplay working via ssh:

killall btplayd; btplay --start-daemon --output=alsa:plug:dmixer

After running the above command once on my Chumby, it now plays My Streams properly, even after a rebooting.  All fixed.

My other complaint was that I had to re-enter all my mp3 streaming URLs, and all of my custom Alarms via the touchscreen.  Shouldn't these settings be carried forward during the upgrade ?

It's fun to see how other Embedded Linux devices are setup and managed - I am always looking to improve my professional work.

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