Metal Casting

Over the last couple of years I have been dabbling in metal casting. Metals include Pewter, Copper, and Aluminium.

Pewter Casting
At Canterbury Fair in 2006 a NZ knight, Sir Sebastian vom dem
Schwarzwald, taught a class on making soapstone molds and casting with Pewter. After seeing this I was hooked.

Longhouse Token

I wanted to make a nice Event Token for the Arrowsreach Longhouse feast with a Viking theme. Some quick research on Viking hordes turned up quite a few silver pendants and broaches that could be replicated in Pewter.

Dess. nr. 144 Found in a gravesite at Lillevang, Bornholm, Denmark. Dated circa 1,000 A.D. Stylized Viking ship, originally a brooch. Dragon heads clearly depicted on stern. Produced in silver and bronze.

I also found an online store selling similar reproductions in silver. http://www.urweg.com/

Soapstone Mold
Here is the hand carved soapstone mold for the token. Notice the "scratches" to allow the gases to escape when the metal poured. There is a second mold at the bottom of this stone for making vervelles.

Completed Token
Here is the completed token with cord attached.

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